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Sudden camera click at Jang Wonyoung on “Running Man”, who took the picture? 

Jang Wonyoung from girl group IVE drew attention by showing extraordinary confidence in a recent variety show appearance.

In the January 29th broadcast of the SBS entertainment program “Running Man”, IVE members Ahn Yujin, Gaeul, Jang Wonyoung, Liz, Rei, and Leeseo appeared. 

Jang Won-young Running Man

Before the full-scale game, a talking session was held in order to learn about IVE. Here, Ji Suk Jin, who appeared as an MC alongside Yoo Jae Suk, told IVE that it must be hard for the whole group to appear, drawing laughter. 

Jang Won-young Running Man

Starting the talking session, Ahn Yujin revealed that she has a different idol image and a different variety show image. Then, when praised as “pretty”, Ahn Yujin showcased these two images by showing a humble appearance as an idol and a confidence reaction while on variety shows. 

Afterwards, Jang Wonyoung revealed her personal talent as a visual, and showed off her stunning beauty. In particular, the female idol was showing off her signature pose when the sound of a camera shutter was heard, exciting the members of “Running Man”. 

Jang Won-young Running Man
Jang Won-young Running Man

In response, Haha asked heatedly, “Who took the picture?”, to which Jang Wonyoung also joked, “I heard a click, who are you?”. As it turned out, it was the PR team who took a photo. 

Jang Won-young Running Man

Haha then praised Jang Wonyoung for her visuals, adding, “I was watching TV with Mijoo in the waiting room. At that time, Wonyoung came out on the screen, and Mijoo said, ‘She really has it all’”. 

Source: wikitree

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