Netizens rage at Moon Joon-young’s mention of ZE:A in his ‘truth battle’ with BJ Haru, “Kwang-hee, Im Si-wan, and Hyung-sik saves the group’s image, but their leader…”

The battle between Moon Joon-young, leader of boy group ZE:A, and BJ Haru has turned into a mud fight.

On March 27th, Moon Joon-young said on his Youtube channel’s community section, “We will take legal actions against remarks, defamation, and acts of spreading false facts, rumors and speculations”. 

Moon Joon-young even mentioned his group, saying, “Whether my channel hit 100,000 subscribers faster or 100,000 people are sued faster, I will make a bet on my position in ZE:A”, adding, “ZE:A, the group which is even more important to me than my life, is on the line. I can’t walk away recklessly, but it would the first and last time”. 

Moon Joon-young

He then apologized to fans, “Please forgive me. I want you all to know that I have no choice but to do this now. I’m very sorry. As much as those times are so precious to me, I want to prevent all the bad issues even a little bit”.

BJ Haru, who started the battle with Moon Joon-young, previously revealed an incident in relation to a famous male idol through her Youtube video on March 21st.

Moon Joon-young

Accordingly, the male idol kept donating star balloons for BJ Haru but she refused him so he immediately changed his attitude and demanded, “This hurts my pride. I want you to refund me all the star balloons I gave you”.

BJ Haru revealed, “I want to see how he would do after looking down on me like that. I already gave him a refund except for the commission”.

Moon Joon-young

Moon Joon-young, who was pointed out to be the idol in this issue, went on his Youtube channel on March 26th and angrily said, “So you think this is the right time to bring this up. How great you are. If an R-rated video is released, it would make such a huge impact. I will reveal everything about what happened”.

Moon Joon-young

Netizens on the online community theqoo gave negative responses to Moon Joon-young’s remarks, saying, “Other ZE:A members didn’t do anything wrong”, “Kwang-hee, Im Si-wan, and Hyung-sik saved the group’s image but the leader is ruining it again”, “You can never do that if you really care about ZE:A”, “Don’t mention ZE:A in this kind of thing”, “I feel sorry for the members and fans”, etc.

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