HYBE’s new girl group, to which Sakura and Kim Chae-won belong, is LE SSERAFIM

The name of the first girl group to be launched in collaboration between HYBE and its label Source Music is “LE SSERAFIM”.

On March 28th, Source Music opened the team’s official SNS and uploaded the logo motion film to reveal the group name. This video shows the process of being reborn as “LE SSERAFIM” as the phrase “IM FEARLESS” is split one by one. At the end of the video, a fascinating voice reciting “LE SSERAFIM” is inserted.

Le Seraphim

LE SSERAFIM is a name made of “IM FEARLESS” in the manner of anagram (a word or phrase made by using the letters of another word or phrase in a different order). It implies self-confidence and strong will to move forward without fear and without being shaken by the world’s gaze.

Meanwhile, LE SSERAFIM is the first girl group to be launched in cooperation between HYBE and Source Music, It is scheduled to debut in May with Sakura and Kim Chae-won as members.

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