If these Kpop girl groups’ main rappers are absent, who will be the potential substitution?

Let’s find out more about the potential rappers in these Kpop girl groups.

Besides singing, dancing, rapping is an indispensable part of K-pop. Each group will have a member in charge of the main rapper position. However, there are other members who can take this position as well if the main rapper is somehow absent.

If the main rapper is absent, Kpop groups can still easily find a replacement. 


As the origin of Kpop Hip-hop, YG is very focused on rap for their artists. In particular, this company also discovered the talent and oriented the rapper path for Jennie. Indeed, she is the female idol with the most stable rap ability compared to the common ground of other groups.

Jennie once reached the top 10 fastest rap idols with the song DDU-DU DDU-DU with 7.88 syllables per second, equivalent to 63 syllables in 8 seconds. Jennie’s voice color is extremely catchy, the English sentences are pronounced very well.

Kpop girl groups’ lead rappers
Jennie impresses the audience with her extremely fast rap. 

In addition to Jennie, BLACKPINK’s maknae Lisa is also noticed with her extremely badass rap. Despite being BLACKPINK’s main dancer, Lisa also holds the position of lead rapper.

In BLACKPINK’s songs, Jennie and Lisa always take turns creating amazing raps for fans. Besides, Lisa also showed her talent in this field very clearly through her solo debut with LALISA and MONEY. Therefore, fans believe that if Jennie is absent, Lisa is strong enough to take on the position of main rapper in the group.

Ugly outfits of Kpop idols
Lisa made fans excited after the amazing solo debut.


Every time Chaeyoung is mentioned, netizens praise her for being multi-talented. The female idol plays the main rapper role of TWICE and always does well in all assigned segments. It can be seen that Chaeyoung’s self-expression and outstanding performance is an attractive highlight that brings more color to TWICE. Besides, the female idol can also compose with catchy flows.

Kpop girl groups’ lead rappers
Chaeyoung is the talented main rapper of TWICE.

Besides Chaeyoung, Dahyun takes on the lead rapper position. The female idol is considered to have a stable, easy-to-listen rap voice that blends well with the other members’ lines. Dahyun is a bright name that can replace Chaeyoung if she is absent.

Kpop girl groups’ lead rappers
Dahyun always does well in supporting the members.

In addition, Momo‘s rapping talent cannot be ignored. Not only is she a good and beautiful female idol with great dancing abilities, but Momo also impresses with her fire rap that surprises people.

Kpop girl groups’ lead rappers
Momo surprised with her rapping ability in TWICE’s recent concert. 


Holding the position of main rapper of aespa, Giselle is considered an important element in the rap segment for the group. Debuting after only nearly a year of training, the female idol still did not disappoint the public and often shows her outstanding rapping skills compared to other SM female idols. In addition, the fact that she is fluent in both Japanese and English is also a great advantage.

aespa Giselle
Giselle is appreciated for her good rapping technique in many languages. 

Besides, multi-talented lead rapper Karina also made people’s eyes widen. During her debut with the special group GOT, Karina had the opportunity to perform more than the rap segments. Therefore, if Giselle is absent, Karina is still able to “carry the team” thanks to her talent and beauty.

aespa Karina
Karina can be a good choice if the main rapper is unfortunately absent. 


Attracting attention thanks to her girl crush appearance, Ryujin is considered one of the multi-talented female idols with strong charm in the current K-pop world. Although she is the main rapper of ITZY, she is often entangled in conflicting opinions. Many netizens think that Ryujin’s rapping ability is not appreciated and inferior to the rest of the voice colors like Yuna, Yeji

Ugly outfits of Kpop idols
Although often criticized, Ryujin is still an indispensable piece of ITZY. 

Yuna is considered by netizens to be able to replace Ryujin’s rapper position. Currently, she is holding the role of lead rapper with the rapping skills that are not inferior to any female idol. In addition, Yuna’s voice and charisma are also highly appreciated, one of the potential “golden eggs” of JYP.

Yuna is also a good choice to substitute in case of Ryujin’s absence. 


Possessing a loving, sweet, and pure look, Rei also has good singing and rapping talents. In particular, the Japanese female idol once attracted attention when performing the song SOLO by Jennie (BLACKPINK). Many people appreciate Rei’s technique of releasing words and feeling the beat, and her charisma also has its own charm.

Kpop girl groups’ lead rappers
Rei performed well as the main rapper in IVE. 

In addition to Rei, Gaeul received a lot of attention when covering the rap part of the song Forever Young by BLACKPINK. Many people think that if Rei is absent, Gaeul can still easily replace the main rapper position.

IVE Gaeul Leeseo
Gaeul is also a potential rapper. 

Red Velvet

Red Velvet’s leader and visual was once voted in KingChoice’s Top 10 best female rappers of K-pop. Although Irene is not considered a good rapper when it comes to flow and techniques, her contribution to Red Velvet’s songs is undeniable. Irene’s rap verses often make the songs sound catchier.

Kpop girl groups’ lead rappers
Irene is Red Velvet’s main rapper

Besides Irene, Joy also has a special and distinctive voice color that helps her shine in rap parts. In songs where she is given a chance to rap, Joy always does a good job.

Red Velvet Joy
Joy can take over rap parts even though she is not trained to debut as a rapper

Rap verses are a must-have in K-pop songs. That is why every group needs to have a rapper. Vocalists in female idol groups can also take on rap parts with no problems.

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