IVE’s Rei drops a cover of “SOLO” by BLACKPINK’s Jennie (ft. netizens’ mixed reactions)

How is rookie Rei’s cover of Jennie’s hit “SOLO”? 

IVE is currently one of the hottest rookie girl groups after making their debut with “ELEVEN”. An outstanding member in the lineup of IVE is Rei. The 17-year-old Japanese female idol has a unique visual, charming aura, good rapping and singing skills. Recently, she drew attention for her cover of Jennie‘s hit “SOLO”. 

Rei covered a verse of Jennie’s song SOLO 
IVE Rei SOLO cover
Rei also did SOLO’s signature choreography
IVE Rei SOLO cover
Rei pulled off both the singing and rapping parts 

Besides singing and rapping, Rei also shows off her pretty visual and charisma with short hair. Here are some comments on Rei’s cover of “SOLO”: 

  • I’m a Jennie stan but I have to admit that she’s good at rapping, good job Rei!
  • I think she sounds nice. This is the best SOLO cover out of all the covers I’ve heard.
  • Her rap is good but her expressions are somewhat funny.
  • Her expressions are lacking.
  • Why are there so many praises? Am I the only one who finds it weird? 
  • She did okay, but in the original, Jennie’s rap is attractive in a way that no one can deliver the same vibes. 
  • The rap is alright, but the expression and presence can’t be on the same level as Jennie.
  • Rei is good at rapping. Her expressions are decent for a rookie too 
Jennie’s performance of “SOLO” at THE SHOW 
IVE Rei SOLO cover
Some netizens think that Rei’s cover can’t compare with the original because Jennie’s stage presence and facial expressions are unmatched 


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