Celebrity couples of 2021: Hyunbin & Son Ye-jin, Lee Seung-gi & Lee Da-in confirmed, G-Dragon & Jennie denied

2021 continued to witness the birth of many star couples. Some worked together then became a couple in real life, and others developed into lovers from being friends.

Netizens also reacted so differently when rumors of each couple broke out. While some couples confirmed their relationship in a cool way and received blessings from fans, others immediately denied the rumors. Below are celebrity couples that attracted the most attention this year.

◆ Hyunbin – Son Ye-jin, rumored of dating 4 times

Actors Hyun-bin and Son Ye-jin met through the movie “Negotiation” and drama “Crash Landing on You” then developed into lovers. Due to their great chemistry in the drama, rumors of the two dating broke out many times. Before and after “Crash Landing on You”, rumors of their romantic relationship arose 3 times, including the time when they were spotted going shopping together in the U.S. However, both sides didn’t admit it.

However, when the 4th rumor was spread on January 1st, both Hyun-bin and Son Ye-jin admitted that they were dating. The two met with good feelings and developed into lovers after “Crash Landing on You” ended in February.

Hyunbin – Son Ye-jin

◆ Lee Seung-gi – Lee Da-in, dating confirmed, marriage not yet

Rumors of Lee Seung-gi and Lee Da-in dating were reported on May 24. It was revealed that both have a common hobby of playing golf and Lee Da-in even went to visit Lee Seung-gi’s grandmother. At the time when the rumor broke out, Lee Da-in’s agency revealed that the two had been dating for 5-6 months.

After Lee Da-in’s side confirmed the rumor, Lee Seung-gi also gave an answer, despite it was a little bit late, saying, “Lee Seung-gi is in the stage of getting to know actor Lee Da-in little by little with good feelings” and also asked netizens to refrain from spreading unconfirmed news.

 Lee Seung-gi – Lee Da-in

◆ Son Dam-bi – Lee Kyu-hyuk, confidently showing Lovestagram

News of the romantic relationship between singer Son Dam-bi and former national speed skating athlete Lee kyu-hyuk was reported on December 2. It was revealed that the two got to know each other as friends then developed into lovers. On the day she admitted to dating Lee Kyu-hyuk, Son Dam-bi posted a Christmas tree photo on her Instagram story and thanked fans for giving her congratulations. Lee Kyu-hyuk also uploaded the same photo on his account.

Son Dam-bi – Lee Kyu-hyuk

◆ G-Dragon – Jennie, dating rumors are about privacy

The news of the relationship between Big Bang‘s G-Dragon (GD, Kwon Ji-yong) and Blackpink‘s Jennie surprised fans. On February 24, Dispatch reported that G-Dragon and Jennie have been dating for a year. The media outlet even captured the two enjoying a date together.

However, YG Entertainment told iMBC, “We can’t confirm anything about our artists’ private lives. We ask for your understanding.” G-Dragon has been embroiled in dating rumors several times since his debut, but his agency always took the position that they were not obligated to disclose his private life.

G-Dragon – Jennie

◆ Lee Min-ho – Yeon-woo, opposite responses

On August 30, Lee Min-ho and Yeon-woo became main characters of a dating rumor due to Dispatch’s photos, in which the two were exuding a pink atmosphere. However, the two sides’ reactions were completely different.

At first, Yeon-woo‘s agency MLD Entertainment took a cautious attitude, saying, “We will announce our position after checking facts with Yeon-woo”. Afterwards, Lee Min-ho‘s side immediately denied, “It is not true that they are in a relationship. They are just acquaintances.” In the end, MLD Entertainment clarified that they just share “a close senior-junior relationship, nothing more”.

Lee Min-ho – Yeon-woo

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