CL confessed for the first time, “The truth about 2NE1’s disbandment… I only knew it after articles came out”

CL must have been heartbroken when she heard the news of her group’s disbandment through the media when she was not informed in advance.

Recently in a conversation with AP Entertainment, a reporter asked CL, “A few years ago, my colleague interviewed Minzy. I heard that she found out about her disbandment through the media.  What about you?”. CL smiled wryly and replied, “Actually… me too. I was at Thanksgiving dinner when my phone rang loudly. But yeah, those situations… That was very heartbreaking for me.”

CL recalled the moment she got the news of 2NE1’s disbandment through news report

However, CL showed her optimistic spirit by saying: “But like I said, now I have a lot more freedom than before and can choose what I want to do.  I think it’s a very exciting new chapter in my life.”

2NE1 disbandment

2NE1 debuted on May 17, 2009, under YG Entertainment. The group consisted of 4 members: CL, Dara, Park Bom and Minzy. During their seven years of operation, 2NE1 has had a clear influence on Kpop.  Their concept, talent, and music make them a one-of-a-kind girl group. Unfortunately, in April 2016, Minzy announced to leave YG and the group. Right after that, in November 2016, 2NE1 was officially announced to disband.  However, so far, the 4 members still maintain a close relationship and often talk about their plans to reunite and release new songs in the near future.

2NE1 disbandment
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