Not debuting with Fantasy Boys, Yoo Jun Won exposes unreasonable contract, “Members must pay fixed expenses monthly”

The conflict between Yoo Jun Won and his agency is intensifying.

Yoo Jun Won, who decided to not debut with the group Fantasy Boys, unveiled the contract that Phunky Studio, the production company of MBC’s audition program “Boy Fantasy”.

Yoo Jun won

Yoo Jun Won won 1st place in “Boy Fantasy” and was scheduled to be a member of the debut group Fantasy Boys. However, he refused to join the group’s debut, revealing that he requested changes regarding unreasonable contract conditions but the company did not revise the contract. On the 23rd, Phunky Studio announced through the media that Yoo Jun Won was absent from schedules without permission and would not be able to engage in the group activities of Fantasy Boys.

Phunky Studio claimed that Yoo Jun Won’s parents demanded a revision of the contract and asked the company to increase the profit distribution rate for Yoo Jun Won compared to other members since he ranked No.1 in the audition program.

Yoo Jun won

The agency continued, “We have fully explained the reasons we could not adjust the profit distribution rate because if we do it based on the voting ranks, controversies over fairness would arise”, adding “Yoo Jun Won’s parents notified us of Yoo Jun Won’s absence from schedules without our permission twice and eventually decided that he would not be able to join the group”.

However, the arguments from Yoo Jun Won’s side were different. On the 24th, Yoo Jun Won released a post on Instagram, saying “We wanted to reach a smooth agreement but it has become a tough fight”, adding “The company claimed that I rejected the contract as if it were all due to the profit distribution ratio, but that’s not true”.

He further explained, “That’s just a small part of the entire contract process. The profit distribution ratio had been adjusted to 5:5 and there were no objections”, adding “However, I decided to not proceed with the contract because I lost trust in the company and their attitude when I requested revisions to their unfair conditions, such as one-sided demand of us bearing a considerable amount of fixed expenses”.

Yoo Jun won

Yoo Jun Won also disclosed the contract that Phunky Studio offered him. The contract states that Yoo Jun Won and 12 other members must share the monthly fixed expenses, including on-site manager (12 million won), PR manager (8 million won), content/photo/promotion/A&R (18 million won), comprehensive planning/ foreign project (8 million won), fan manager (6 million won), rent of practice room, auxiliary business, etc. (3 million won), and car rent (1 Solati & 3 carnivals).

Even after excluding the vehicle expense, the amount is still as much as 55 million won. Assuming car rental costs 5 million won, each member would have to pay 5 million won every month. In fact, they may have to pay more because the contract states that additional costs may be incurred for individual activities.

Source: Wikitree

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