“No Math School Trip” Lee Yong Jin, “I went to a hot spring with D.O, Zico & Crush and we were all naked”

“No Math School Trip” members had an unexpected bonding experience in a hot spring – Lee Yong Jin reveals they were all naked!

SBS’s “No Math School Trip” broadcast on March 16th, showed the competition to get the Hokkaido special menu between two teams, Do Kyung Soo’s team (with Zico and Lee Yong Jin) and Choi Jeong Hoon’s team (with Crush and Yang Se Chan).

lee yong jin

That day, the members played a ‘3 vs 3 mine word initial consonant game’ to get the dinner menu. While Yang Se chan blamed himself for making mistake with his team’s mine word for the second time, Do Kyung Soo drew laughter as he only focused on food. As the game became more intense, Choi Jeong Hoon’s team got the wrong answer.  

In the end, Do Kyung Soo’s team successfully earned many foods, from shabu-shabu, to Wagyu steak, fired shrimp, sesame salad, and sukiyaki. On the other hand, Choi Jeong Hoon’s team only had grilled beef tripe. At that time, Crush took out a ‘Chance’ card and exchanged his food with Lee Yong Jin.

lee yong jin

Upon arriving at their first accommodation in Hokkaido, the members could not hide their nervousness as they began playing a ‘room assigning’ game to determine the order of choosing between single rooms, double rooms, and rooms for 4.

As a result, Crush took the first turn and chose Room A, a multi-person room. The second person Zico also chose Room A. Yang Se Chan picked Room C, another multi-person room. Lee Yong Jin exclaimed that he needed time to shower alone but got embarrassed when meeting Crush and Zico after selecting Room A. 

Lastly, Do Kyung Soo showed off his reasoning skills, saying “There are still more single rooms”. Excited at the thought that he would be enjoying a single room, Do Kyung Soo got frustrated right after seeing other members in Room A.

lee yong jin

On the second day of the trip, Lee Yong Jin said, “I really feel like I’m on a school trip. Yesterday, Kyung Soo, Zico, Crush and I went to a hot spring in Ryokan together. I was very surprised.” 

The production team then asked, “Did you guys take off all your clothes? All naked?”, and Lee Yong Jin replied, “Yes, we did. I was very surprised about that. It reminded me of the old days”.

lee yong jin

Crush said, “If it weren’t for this opportunity, I don’t think I would have ever done this in my life”, expressing his happiness to travel with some friends like going back to their childhood.

Source: Nate

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