Who are these “rabbits” at Gimpo Airport on Jan 1st? They look familiar

A group of people dressed as white rabbits appeared at Gimpo International Airport on the first day of 2023.

TWICE members arrived at Gimpo International Airport after their schedule abroad on Jan 1st, 2023.


On the same day, Da Hyun drew attention by posting 3 photos in a row on her Instagram story with the short caption “Today’s airport fashion.”

The released photos show the members dressed up as rabbits at Gimpo Airport. The members show the definition of cuteness as they appeared in public with masks, sunglasses and rabbit hats.


On the same day, Ji Hyo also posted several photos on her Instagram. The TWICE member took a selfie in the rabbit hat on the plane. She also took a selfie of her and the other TWICE members facing down while standing around as a group, drawing smiles from the viewers.


This seems to be a surprise event prepared by the TWICE members for the 2023 New Year, Year of the Black Rabbit according to Korean tradition.

Below are photos of TWICE “rabbits” at the Gimpo Airport today, Jan 1st, 2023.

Source: Wikitree

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