NingNing (aespa) avoids camera flashes due to a serious visual problem 

Fans feel for the idol as she has to endure the condition for so long. 

Recently, it was revealed that NingNing, a member of aespa who has vision problems, almost could not see with her right eye. The news became a hot topic on the Weibo hot search. After the shocking news, NingNing made her public appearance with other aespa members where she had to use her arm to shield her eyes from the constant camera flashes. 

Ning Ning
NingNing covered her eyes and turned her body away from the flashes

On Vogue China, NingNing talked of her poor vision ever since birth. She had to undergo surgery but the condition did not improve and she was almost blind in one of her eyes. To cope with it, NingNing always brought sunglasses and eye-drops with her. Three to four years ago, NingNing returned to China to treat keratitis, an inflammation and irritation of the cornea without letting fans know, which brought her unwanted hate at the time. 

Ning Ning

NingNing was born in 2002 in Harbin, China. Her real name is Ning Yi Zhuo. She joined SM Entertainment in 2016 and debuted in aespa in 2020. She is the main vocalist of the group.

Source: K14

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