Noticeable details about BLACKPINK’s new album: spoilers, details, and possible collabs

BLACKPINK’s return after 2 years of no group releases have been the talk of town 

Kpop girl group BLACKPINK recently confirmed their comeback after almost 2 years, receiving a lot of attention from all Kpop fans. As a result, even BLACKPINK members themselves can’t hide their excitement. 

In particular, BLACKPINK will drop their pre-release single “Pink Venom” on August 19th, before releasing their 2nd full album “Born Pink” in September. 

Talking about this upcoming return, YG Entertainment said: “The MV for ‘Pink Venom’ is the most costly one we have made just yet. Everything is going smoothly as we have a meticulous and detailed plan. There will be a lot of music that resonates the spirit of BLACKPINK deeply and strongly, and large-scale plans are also being prepared.”

The agency also explained the meaning behind “Born Pink”, saying: “Born Pink represents the strength and confidence of BLACKPINK – a girl group with a unique presence ever since their births. This will be an album filled with the unique color and lethal charm of BLACKPINK”.

Meanwhile, BLACKPINK members have shown extreme excitement regarding their comeback, and often give spoilers. Jennie, in particular, said: “Unlike what’s assumed from its title, ‘Pink Venom’ is softer, lighter, and chic. The MV is just on a totally different level that extends way beyond imagination.” 

The female idol also added that her favorite track on the album is the 5th one, and that there will be genres BLACKPINK has never attempted before. 

When sharing the poster image on her personal Instagram, Jennie also added the word “We” before tagging the official account of BLACKPINK. Many fans are speculating that this is a spoiler, as Jennie previously did the same thing with her caption “Ha #HowYouLikeThat”.  

Additionally, BLACKPINK members were also spotted doing special gestures and movements during a recent interaction with fans, which are being thought to be spoilers for the group’s new choreography.

Meanwhile, Rosé also teased about “Pink Venom” multiple times. Previously, she confused fans by using both the snake and spider emoji when posting her teaser image, leaving them confused which “venom” BLACKPINK will be referring to. 

On the other hand, the teaser image of Jisoo led to a lot of people believing that “Pink Venom” will use the spider image, as in her first teaser, Jisoo’s makeup includes 4 small dots near her eyes, likely referring to spider eyes.

In addition, famous rapper Doja Cat recently changed her Instagram profile picture into a spider, rousing theories about a possible collaboration.

Finally, in all of BLACKPINK’s teaser images, there were broken glass shards, and those of Jennie and Lisa matches, while Rosé and Jisoo’s seem to be connected. As a result, many predict that BLACKPINK will be boasting 2 sub-units. 

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