NewJeans’s MV Director Reveals Messages With CEO Min Hee-jin

The conversation between the director of NewJeans’s “Bubble Gum” music video and ADOR’s CEO Min Hee-jin is drawing attention

On the morning of April 29th, the director of the music video for NewJeans’s new song “Bubble Gum” released on the 27th, unveiled the conversation he had with CEO Min Hee-jin.

According to the conversation, Min Hee-jin texted the music video director on the 21st, asking “Hi, when will I be able to see the rough edits of ‘Bubble Gum’?”. In response, the director said, “I’m working on it right now”. The female CEO then replied, “Thank you. Should I send you something delicious to eat? I’ll send it to your studio. Are there two people? You guys are together, right? Where’s the studio?”.

NewJeans’s MV Director Reveals Messages With CEO Min Hee-jin

The MV director then said, “That’s okay! You should send it after watching the edit. You may think differently so just watch the MV edit first”. Min Hee-jin replied, “I can let you eat and gain strength to edit it again after watching the MV”.

The two conversed a day before the conflict between CEO MIN Hee-jin and HYBE broke out. 

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Earlier, HYBE launched an audit on ADOR, saying the executives, including CEO Min Hee-jin, attempted to take over management rights of the label. After the audit, the company secured evidence proving CEO Min’s plan to make ADOR become independent from HYBE.

In response, Min Hee-jin held an emergency press conference to explain the controversies surrounding her but the atmosphere between the two sides are still very intense.

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