NewJeans’s Hanni “From black hair to blonde hair, become a completely different person in one day”

NewJeans’s Hanni underwent a radical style transformation during Milan Fashion Week in Italy

Recently, Hanni attended the fashion show of Gucci at Milan Fashion Week as a guest. On that day, Hanni wore a white crop top paired with a sophisticated black skirt that exuded a luxurious feel. She completed the look with striking red heels.


This appearance was quite different from the image Hanni typically portrays as a member of NewJeans. Especially noteworthy was Hanni’s glamorous blonde hair, which gave the impression of a fairy tale character. Her large eyes and lovely appearance combined to create an almost unreal image as if she had stepped out of a comic.

What caught everyone’s attention the most was Hanni’s dramatically changed hair color. Hanni departed for Milan Fashion Week on September 21st with black hair, but just one day later, she appeared with blonde hair, effortlessly showcasing her versatile charm. Some netizens even speculated that Hanni’s blonde hair might be a wig. Hanni’s styling was also impressive. When departing for Milan, she matched dark navy knitwear with a white skirt, creating a lovely autumn vibe.

Newjeans Hanni

Source: Daum

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