Fans are worried for Lee Sung-kyung’s health after seeing her alarmingly skinny photos

Actor Lee Sung-kyung surprised fans with her Barbie doll-like body, which can make any girl jealous.

On December 3rd, Lee Sung-Kyung posted several photos on her Instagram along with the article “Always Romance ♥.” The photos posted by Lee Sung-kyung showed her posing in various ways, such as holding her back while looking at the camera.

Lee Sung-kyung alarming health

Lee Sung-kyung let down her bangs to enhance her lovely charm while wearing a pink jacket, skirt, and an undershirt with a large face printed. With Lee Sung-kyung‘s charm filling the picture, what caught fans’ eyes was her 1:9 proportion ratio of figure and her skinny body. In particular, Lee Sung-kyung made netizens surprised by her extremely skinny leg.

Lee Sung-kyung alarming health

Meanwhile, Lee Sung-kyung recently appeared in the SBS drama “Dr. Romantic 2,” which ended in February.


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