The Korean police decided to prosecute a public official, who regularly sexually harasses famous female idols

The case of many Kpop female idols being sexually harassed on social networks made the Korean public extremely angry.

In recent years, celebrities, especially Korean female idols, have often suffered malicious comments and sexual harassment from netizens.  Although many people have been sued by management companies, this situation is still ongoing.  Recently, a civil servant has made public opinion outraged when being prosecuted for a crime related to the act of sexually harassing the female idol.

This morning (March 20), Korean media reported that the Police Department in Daejeon was prosecuting a civil servant for violating the Information and Communication Network Act.  This individual is suspected of having left many sexual harassment comments about a lot of popular girl groups in 2020. The police launched an investigation this past January with a complaint from the victim’s entertainment agency and specified the individual using IP tracking. Currently, the perpetrator is said to have taken a leave of absence after being questioned by the police.

Earlier, a petition was posted on the Blue House National Petition Bulletin Board requesting, “Please stop appointing civil servants who are haters who made sexual harassment remarks about famous girl groups online.” 

This incident has caused a stir in the Korean public, many people were extremely angry.

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