NewJeans, SEVENTEEN, and LE SSERAFIM join BTS Suga for the “Haegeum” dance challenge 

BTS Suga collaborated with other idol groups under HYBE to do the “Haegeum” challenge together. 

On May 21st, a video titled “[BANGTAN BOMB] ‘Haegeum’ Challenge Video Shoots Sketch – BTS” was released on the official YouTube channel of BTS, BANGTAN TV. 

In the video, Suga joined other BTS members and idol groups under HYBE for a “Haegeum” dance challenge video shoot. In the video, BTS Jimin joined the shooting and said, “This is more important than my video”, showing an invested effort in doing the dance challenge. After many retakes, Jimin opted for the final one.

Following the final version of the Minimiz’s challenge, Suga met up with NewJeans Hanni to film the challenge. The two met with an air of awkwardness but soon got relaxed while dancing. After wrapping up, Suga gave Hanni a Hanwoo package and wine as their first-time meeting gift, showing great consideration. 

Later, Suga also met up with SEVENTEEN Woozi, DK, Seungkwan, Hoshi, and LE SSERAFIM Chaewon and Yunjin to do the dance challenge. After finishing the shootings, Suga also gave the members of the two groups Hanwoo packages and bottles of wine as gifts. 

Recently, Suga held a small fan meeting “D-DAY: Movie Night” at Nuritkum Square in Seoul on May 20th.

Source: naver 

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