YouTuber Lee Jin-ho, “The assault case of a CEO who is an idol of K-pop’s first generation, shocking identity”

In connection with the controversy over assaulting a trainee of a CEO who is an idol of K-pop’s first generation, YouTuber Lee Jin-ho mentioned that person’s identity.

On June 7th, Lee Jin-ho uploaded a video titled “The identity of the first-generation assault idol” on his YouTube channel.

On this day, Lee Jin-ho said, “I put puzzles together one by one, starting with the hints delivered by the first exposer through their post. First of all, I selected those who ran an agency among the first-generation best idol group members. And I narrowed down the answer by asking agency officials for relevant information.”


He then explained, “It wasn’t long before I found the agency. This is because not many of the best idol members at the time established and operated an agency. In particular, the photo posted by the exposer played a decisive role. The practice room, which is the background of the photo, was also revealed on an entertainment program in the past.”

He claimed, “Usually, the modifier ‘best idol’ was exaggerated in many cases. But this time, we can really call them the top idol group. They gained popularity as the best group in Korea. In fact, one official said that there was an unsavory incident at that time.”


Earlier on June 6th, the exposer, who introduced themselves as an idol trainee, uploaded a post on Nate Pann. Accordingly, the exposer gained the courage to write this post due to the painful memories of being assaulted 6 years ago. 

At the time, the exposer said, “The CEO swore ‘Hey, you crazy punk. This XXX, you’re so f*cking stubborn! XXX’ and began to assault me. The CEO slapped me four times on the right cheeks, two times on the left cheeks and punched me two times on the head.”

Source: Wikitree

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