NewJeans joins Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism’s project to promote the excellence of Hanji

Rookie girl group NewJeans will promote the beauty of Korea’s traditional handmade paper Hanji.

The Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism and the Korea Craft and Design Foundation released a promotional video for the “Planning and development of Korean Wave-related collaborative content in 2022 – Hanji” project featuring the girl group NewJeans


The promotional video shows the process of NewJeans members participating in the project to promote the excellence of Hanji (traditional Korean paper handmade from mulberry trees) and Hanji products to global fans. There is also a talk show on the topic of Hanji, which embraces the nature of Korea, to introduce beautiful Korean cultural paper products and various props made of Korean paper.


Against the background filled with Hanji, NewJeans members appear in daily hanboks and sit around the room to share talks about the excellence, charms, and value of Hanji centering around five Hanji-related keywords. They actively explore Hanji by pulling Hanji strings and looking for products made of Hanji around the filming set.

newjeans minji

After meeting Ahn Chi Young, head of the National Intangible Cultural Heritage Association, NewJeans express their expectations to experience making Hanji. After watching the craftsman’s demonstration, the members choose their favorite flowers and carefully knit Hanji themselves.

newjeans hanni

One flower Hanji lightning and three large Hanji artworks produced by NewJeans will be put on sale for a limited period of time through an online auction in mid-January. It is expected to be a nice collection that can directly show NewJeans’s new charm to fans in Korea and overseas. Profits from this event will be used to support Hanji workshops and craftsmen to revitalize the Hanji industry.

newjeans hyein

NewJeans’s agency ADOR said, “We hope the online auction with products created by NewJeans members with their sincere hearts will be successfully carried out, and our cultural heritage Hanji can be promoted widely”.

In addition, an official in charge of the project shared, “Through the serious and lively appearance of NewJeans members when experiencing making Hanji, we hope you give attention to Hanji and participate in the upcoming online auction.”

Source: Daum

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