Before Yoona, Lee Jong Suk boasted outstanding chemistry with these 3 K-drama actresses 

As a top star, Lee Jong Suk has his own fair share of drop-dead gorgeous on-screen lovers. 

The ongoing K-drama “Big Mouth” is gaining immense attention from the audience with its gripping and unpredictable plot, and the appearance of “visual couple” Lee Jong Suk and Yoona is a big bonus. 

In “Big Mouth”, Yoona assumes the role of Go Mi Ho – wife to Lee Jong Suk’s character Park Chang Ho. The couple is already boasting an intense chemistry, but before Yoona, Lee Jong Suk has been through these just as outstanding on-screen lovers: 

Lee Jong Suk – Bae Suzy

Lee Jong Suk and Bae Suzy collaborated in “While You Were Sleeping”, where Suzy played the female lead Hong Joo – who can predict the future through her dreams. Meanwhile, Lee Jong Suk assumed the role of prosecutor Jae Chan, who tried his best to stop Hong Joo’s nightmare from becoming true. 

Lee Jong Suk and Suzy’s overflowing chemistry in “While You Were Sleeping” 

With such a unique concept, “While You Were Sleeping” managed to gain the interest of many audiences, and became a hit the year it aired. However, the overwhelming chemistry of Lee Jong Suk and Suzy was also a crucial factor, stealing hearts left and right whenever the couple appeared on the screen together. 

To play Hong Joo, Suzy had to sacrifice her silky long hair, and even wore clothes similar to menswear. However, the “nation’s first love” never fail to shine, regardless of what styling she’s adorning. 

Lee Jong Suk – Park Shin Hye 

The next iconic on-screen partner of Lee Jong Suk is undoubtedly Park Shin Hye, who have starred in series like “The Heirs”, “You’re Beautiful”, “Doctors”, “Memories of Alhambra”, “Sisyphus: The Myth”, and of course, “Pinocchio”. 

In this hit series, Park Shin Hye transformed into female lead Choi In Ha – who suffers from the “Pinocchio syndrome” which causes her to hiccup whenever she lies. Meanwhile, Lee Jong Suk assumed the role of Choi Dal Po, the “uncle” of In Ha. The couple’s desire to unveil the truth has driven them to become reporters together, leading to various hardships and pains. 

Early this year, Park Shin Hye tied the knot with her long-term boyfriend Choi Tae Joon, and recently gave birth to a son. Now, the actress is leading an extremely happy life where she’s pampered by her husband and mother-in-law, making netizens envious of her sweet married life. In addition, many are waiting for Park Shin Hye’s grand return in the future. 

Lee Jong Suk – Han Hyo Joo 

The final name on the list is an actress said to own “Korea’s most gorgeous smile”Han Hyo Joo, who worked with Lee Jong Suk in the famous K-drama “W: Two World”. The series revolves around Kang Chul – a “comic character”, and Oh Yeon Joo – daughter to the creator of the webtoon that stars Kang Chul. 

With its unique plot, “W: Two Worlds” became one of the most phenomenal K-dramas in the year it aired. In addition, Lee Jong Suk and Han Hyo Joo’s performance in the show was also said to be one of the most iconic chemistry out there. 

However, if the chemistry in “W: Two Worlds” is sweet, then real life interactions between Lee Jong Suk and Han Hyo Joo are even more scene-stealing. In fact, fans at the time shipped the couple extremely hard, as they were all swayed watching behind-the-scenes videos 

So, above are some of Lee Jong Suk’s most outstanding on-screen partners. Hopefully, his collaboration with idol-actress Yoona will be just as explosive. 

Yoona and Lee Jong Suk K-drama “Big Mouth” is airing every Friday and Saturday starting July 29th. 

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