41-year-old actress Kim Min Jung, who is unmarried, reveals her wish to play a mother 

Kim Min Jung shared her greed for taking on a role with a child.

In the 163rd episode of TV Chosun’s “Heo Young Man’s Food Travel”, which was broadcast on August 5, actress Kim Min Jung went on a gourmet trip to Paju, Gyeonggi-do.

kim min jung

On this day, Heo Young Man asked Kim Min Jung, “You have been acting for over 30 years. You took on a lot of roles, but is there still a role you wish to play?”

Kim Min Jung answered, “If I could play a character with a child or something similar, it would be great,” expressing her strong desire for a mother role. 

Hearing this, Heo Young Man made a puzzled expression. In response, Kim Min Jung immediately asked, “Are only people who have raised children allowed to act those parts?”, drawing laughter. 

Meanwhile, Kim Min Jung was born in 1982 and turned 41 years old (Korean age) this year. She is currently single. 

Source: daum

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