Why is YG the best company in BIG3? Here are the 12 reasons!

A post on Pann recently gathers attention for listing the reasons why YG Entertainment is the best company among the Big3

Recently, a netizen created a topic on Pann with the title “Am I the only one who like YG the most in BIG3?”

BlackPink Jisoo G-dragon

The OP then explained: “Even though others might say that the company has more downsides, but I think there is no agency that is as good as YG.”

And here are the reasons given by the OP:

  1. Trainee training is free.
  2. Artists’ music income is divided 50:50.
  3. The secrets (?) within the company are well-kept.
  4. The comebacks are late, but music chart results are just as good.
  5. Thanks to the president’s incredible perspective, the ones who might ruin the team get eliminated.
  6. They don’t debut idols because of their appearance but 100% because of talents (they treasure talents).
  7. They don’t restrict the artists in the company. They do not make comebacks with company-made music, unlike other agencies.
  8. Their trainees are very talented (Example: Bang Ye Dam, Choi Rae Sung, Moon Sua).
  9. They recently re-establish the planning department for their artists.
  10. International fans love YG (Big Bang, 2NE1, BlackPink, Winner, iKon). That’s why they are gathering attention and promoting abroad.
  11. YG’s style is strong.
  12. They don’t use music from other producers but their own, so their own color is well-maintained.

He/she added: “You can promote without any stress if you’re under YG, and their trainees are the best.”

Sources: Pann

  • [+329, -10] If only there is no Yang Hyun Suk, the company would be perfect.
  • [+261, -4] No matter how much I hate Yang Hyun Suk, I can’t deny that he was right about Jang Hyun Seung, Yang Hong Seok and Nam Tae Hyun.
  • [+217, -8] I really like YG’s unique color. I love its hip-hop, sophisticated, and sharp feels.
  • [+68, -0] Yang Hyun Suk’s eyes and ears seem to be very good. Many contestants that he liked in audition programs have become big. For example, Seo In Guk, Kim Se Jeong, Yuju.
  • [+67, -0] I do admit he was right about Jang Hyun Seung, Yang Hong Seok.

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