Netizens praise BLACKPINK Lisa’s MV concept, but the song gets mixed reactions

After a long wait, Kpop fans can finally enjoy BLACKPINK Lisa’s solo debut MV of the title song ‘LALISA’.

BLACKPINK is currently the top Kpop girl group. Therefore, when the members go solo, they each receive huge attention in their own way. Following the solo debuts of Jennie and Rosé, Lisa is the next member to show off own musical identity to the whole world. The youngest member of BLACKPINK released her first single album “LALISA” with the MV of the title song of the same name today (September 10). After much anticipation, let’s see how netizens react to this single album.


At 1 pm KST on September 10, the ‘LALISA’ MV was officially released. Naming both the title song and the debut single album using her real name shows Lisa’s pride and confidence in herself. The MV is filled with the pounding bass sounds, explosive drops combined with Lisa’s catchy voice and choreography. Lisa’s MV also includes the elements from Lisa’s home country Thailand through the beats and outfits.

Lisa also shared about her title track ‘LALISA’, “I think it’s a song that can really show the power of my name and my confident side. I hope everyone can listen to the song and think, ‘Wow, this is it, something only Lisa can do.’

Lisa is currently one of the most famous female Kpop idols in the world. Her MV has quickly hit millions of views. After only 5 minutes, the MV crossed 2 million views, after an hour and 30 minutes, it reached more than 10 million views – becoming the fastest debut MV and solo MV of a female singer to reach 10 million views.

In addition, as of today (September 10), Lisa’s debut album also recorded more than 800,000 pre-orders, the highest record in the history of a female K-pop solo artist.  At this point, becoming a million-selling soloist is completely possible for the youngest BLACKPINK member.


One of the things that impress netizens the most with ‘LALISA’ MV is the concept. Accordingly, the MV is over 3-minute long but continuously shows Lisa in impressive concepts: a cool racing girl, a strong female police officer, or a noble queen sitting on the throne, etc. Accompanied by expensive and stunning outfits as well as the spectacular MV set, something that YG always delivers.


However, most compliments focus on the MV’s concept and visuals, while the most important thing gets mixed reactions, that is Lisa’s title track LALISA. Accordingly, many netizens had high expectations for a trending hit performed by Lisa. However, eventually, the song’s melody doesn’t meet many listeners’ expectations because there’s nothing new with the drop beat, and the lyrics are considered to be somewhat bland and cliché. The title song ‘LALISA’ is produced by well-known YG producers including TEDDY, Bekuh BOOM and 24. The lyrics are also written by TEDDY and Bekuh BOOM.

Netizen/ think that the “hit-making machine” TEDDY apparently has “lost his power” because his songs sound more and more repetitive. LALISA is said to sound familiar to many other BLACKPINK songs, even less catchy. The part in the song that gets the most positive comments from Knets is Lisa’s signature rap verses.


As for the choreography, netizens are also quite disappointed because they expected a more explosive choreography because Lisa is a female idol known for excellent dancing skills. Lisa herself also talked about this earlier in today’s debut press conference: ‘The choreography this time is very easy to dance to, so I hope that everyone will find it fun to dance to this song.’

Some netizens’ comments on BLACKPINK Lisa’s debut MV ‘LALISA’:

  • Lisa is so pretty and the Thai concept suits her really well..
  • I don’t like the song… It’s like a song from 10 years ago!!
  • The MV is really nice, there are a lot of concepts. But the song is a bit boring.
  • Well, I expected a lot ㅠㅠ But only the rap part sounds good!
  • The MV reminds me of Jeon Somi’s singing style.
  • The song doesn’t suit my taste, but Lisa’s rap is good. I’m looking forward to her stage too
  • Lisa’s rap seems to be the best part of this song. Other than that, the MV is amazing.
  • These beats and lyrics sound out of date because TEDDY keeps using the same things over and over.
  • Lisa’s rap seems to be the highlight of the song!
  • The MV is good, but I think I expected too much.. I think the song is average.

How about you, what is your opinion on Lisa’s solo debut MV ‘LALISA’ (BLACKPINK)? 

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