Netizens’ hottest discussion of the day: Scaling the visuals of Irene (Red Velvet) and Jang Won Young (IVE) 

Top Kpop visuals are up for comparison as Kpop reaches its transitional period. 

The visual debates between idols continue with Irene (Red Velvet) and Jang Wonyoung (IVE) are put on a scale, drawing in lively discussions. 

ive jang won young red velvet irene
The comparison originates from the ongoing transition from third to fourth generation, raising talks among fans of the top visuals from separate generations. Irene’s and Jang Won Young’s visuals are put on the scale and gained major traction among fans

On the one hand, Jang Won Young is a famous Kpop idol of the new generation, boasting a barbie-like charm and an enviable height. On the other hand, Irene is a top face of third-generation Kpop. As a senior in the industry, Irene is unanimously agreed to be the idol with an unrivaled flawless visual. Although an emerging, shiny new face, Jang Won Young can hardly surpass Irene’s undeniable charisma and class.

Irene Red Velvet
Irene’s appearance is a camera magnet as the photographers rush to take her photos. After 8 years of working in the scene, Irene becomes more gorgeous, securing her status 

Source: Allkpop

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