Netizens discovered empty seats areas at BTS’s Wembley concert

However, the milestone BTS has made at the Wembley stadium is undeniable.

While the buzz of BTS’s world tour “Love Yourself: Speak Yourself” at the Wembley Stadium still hasn’t faded yet, fans are confused by screenshots of the empty seat areas during the concert which are being spreaded on SNS.

The empty areas among the seated ones are marked in red.

In the 1st photo, we can see that there were 3 empty areas: one on the 2nd floor (right), one on the 1st floor (left) and some at the back of the B-stage area. Those seats’ view was not blocked and were in the ticket map of the Wembley stadium.

From another corner when “IDOL” was being performed on stage.

It can be seen that this area wasn’t totally abandoned or the seats there weren’t on sale because there were still some audiences there.
According to the map of Ticketmaster for this event, the empty seats were on block 251 or 252.

Those visibly empty areas can be understood as the Wembley concert wasn’t sold-out at all like how Big Hit has confirmed several months ago, and the leftover tickets must be about a few hundreds tickets. However, with such a huge crowd at the U.K’s biggest stadium and the effect the group has left to the world, it is still a successful concert which deserves to be a milestone, not just for BTS, but also for K-Pop and the Asian music industry.

More than 60.000 audiences rewrote history with BTS at Wembley yesterday.

Sources: k14

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