Netizens criticized the hidden camera on Gian84 in ‘I Live Alone’, saying, “Is it funny to make fool of other people…”

In the episode of 'I Live Alone' when Gian84 was going to hold a deadline closing party, a hidden camera was set to play a little joke on him.

In the episode of MBC’s “I Live Alone” aired on August 13, Gian84 decided to go on a trip to celebrate the end of his webtoon after 10 years.

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Gian84 decided to go to Yeoju, his hometown, with Jeon Hyun Moo. It was supposed to be a group trip for the closing celebration, and other team members were expected to join him later.

Gian84 said, “Since Key is a new member and Hyun Moo has just returned to the show after a long time, I want the team to be much more closer.”

Instead of making the T-shirt only for himself, he made ones for the other members. However, Jeon Hyun Moo suddenly said, “I have news to tell you. Other members are not coming.”. Gian84 was disappointed, he asked, “Isn’t this my celebration today?”

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Jeon Hyun Moo explained that they couldn’t gather due to the spread of the Corona Virus. Then Gian84 asked, “So why didn’t you tell me that there would be only 2 of us in the first place?”. Jeon Hyun Moo replied, “Surprise”.

During the VCR monitoring in the studio, the members explained, “At first, I decided to go, but I couldn’t because of the Corona Virus.”, “Unfortunately, I had some work to do with my former CEO.”

After the episode was broadcasted, the audiences left their criticisms in the comment section towards the staff and the members, saying it was rude to play that hidden camera on Gian84.

Some comments by the netizens:

– The situation was so terrible.

– You guys really think Gian84 is an easy-going man. He had been drawing the webtoon for 10 years, but you left him alone at his closing party?

– You said you couldn’t come to the party due to Corona Virus, so how could you come to the studio to watch the episode, make fun of him and laugh?

– Is it that funny to make fool of other people…

– This kind of hidden camera could hurt someone.

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