Netizens are worried about Jeongyeon’s physical condition at TWICE’s first concert of the North American tour 

There are many concerns about Jeongyeon’s participation in TWICE’s 4TH WORLD TOUR “III.”

Jeongyeon was previously announced to take a break from activities due to herniated disc and anxiety disorder. Fans have been excited for Jeongyeon’s return as TWICE’s 2022 US Tour is her first in-person concert after her hiatus. However, at the LA concert that took place on February 16th, Jeongyeon’s complexion does not look very good.

In photos taken at the concert, Jeongyeon’s face was very swollen. In the video, her complexion was the same. She also refrained from dancing as it looked like she had not fully recovered from the herniated disc in her neck.

Netizens are worried about Jeongyeon’s health. A netizen left a comment, “Isn’t it better for her to return once she has completely recovered?”, “I hope she can rest more when she can, rather than get sick again after overdoing it.”

Jeongyeon has suspended her activities a total of 4 times so far. Starting with TWICE’s 9th mini-album comeback in June 2019, followed by October of the same year and August of last year, she ceased her activities due to psychological anxiety and neck injury.

In December of last year, because of health reasons, Jeongyeon had to pull out of TWICE’s Seoul offline concert held for the first time in two years. At the time, she suffered from malicious comments because of her slightly different appearance. The reason for her sudden weight gain was later revealed to be a side effect of steroids caused by disc surgery, drawing empathy from the public.

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