Netflix confirmed the production of new disaster movie “Great Flood” starring Kim Da-mi and Park Hae-soo

Netflix recently announced the plan to launch the production of “Great Flood” (directed by Kim Byung-woo). Kim Da-mi and Park Hae-soo will work together as leads in this movie.

Great Flood” is a sci-fi disaster blockbuster movie. Set on the last day when a great flood hit the Earth, it tells the story of people fighting in a flooded apartment with the last hope to survive. 

Kim Da Mi

Director Kim Byung-woo will be in charge of writing the script and directing. He is known as a genius director in the disaster genre. Kim Byung-woo won Best New Director at the Blue Dragon Film Awards for the 2013 movie “The Terror Live”. He also captured the characters in extreme situations vividly in the film “Take Point”.

Kim Da-mi will transform into Anna, an AI development researcher. She will struggle to survive in a huge tidal wave. The production team of “Great Flood” said, “Kim Da-mi will show mixed emotions when facing the huge disaster beyond control”, raising expectations.

Park Hae-soo

Park Hae-soo will appear as Hee-jo, a security team member who tries to rescue Anna. Hee-jo will increase the drama’s immersion and curiosity about the reason behind his mission of rescuing Anna.

Meanwhile, “Great Flood” will be released on Netflix.

Source: dispatch

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