Necklace alone is 175 million won, Kim Hye Soo made headlines with luxurious jewelry 

At a recent press screening event, actress Kim Hye Soo wore a stunning piece of jewelry that made headlines.

On July 18th, Kim Hye Soo attended the press screening of the film “Smugglers”, which was held at CGV Yongsan I’Park Mall in Seoul.

On this day, Kim Hye Soo sported a voluminous hairstyle and wore a tight, sparkling skirt and shirt that showcased her figure. With the escort of her co-star Jo In Sung, Kim Hye Soo stepped on stage with nude-tone platform pumps, which created an elongated effect for her legs.

Kim Hye Soo

In addition, Kim Hye Soo added a statement to her outfit by donning a large pendant necklace reminiscent of a parrot.

The necklace worn by Kim Hye Soo is a product of luxury designer house “Cartier.” It is decorated with a total of 456 brilliant-cut diamonds weighing 5.99 carats each, along with emeralds and pearls, so the necklace alone is 175 million won (approx. 139,000 USD). 

Kim Hye Soo

Meanwhile, the movie “Smugglers” is an action-crime project, which is set in the background of a peaceful small sea village. Here, a life-changing event occurs when people who were making a living by salvaging items thrown into the sea get caught up in a major smuggling operation. 

Kim Hye Soo

Alongside Kim Hye Soo, various other actors such as Jo In Sung, Kim Jong Soo, Yeom Jung Ah, Park Jung Min, and Go Min Si, among others, will star in the film.  

“Smugglers” is scheduled for release on July 26th.

Source: Nate

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