Ha Ji Won gets drunk during filming and performs a freestyle dance

Actress Ha Ji Won shocked her manager with a drunken dance

On September 18th, actress Ha Ji Won appeared in a web variety show on the YouTube channel “Zzanbros” as a guest.

ha ji won

In the bonus footage, Ha Ji Won and Shin Dong Yup were seen to the second round of drinking after filming the main episode. The two were so drunk that they could see multiple camera lenses in front of their eyes.

In that state, Ha Ji Won suddenly stood up from her seat and asked, “How much alcohol can you drink?”. She added, “I’m not strong but look at me, I can feel my alcohol”, then started dancing freely.

ha ji won

Seeing the situation from behind, Ha Ji Won’s manager hurriedly ran to her and tried to stop the actress. However, she reacted, “Just stay still. I’m only expressing myself”, then continued dancing, drawing laughter.

In particular, Shin Dong Yup asked Ha Ji Won to make a promise, saying “Don’t tell me to edit out the scene tomorrow morning”. Ha Ji Won replied, “But my manager can contact you. Sometimes he tells me, ‘Noona, your behavior is a bit weird’, and makes excuses like that”. She then repeated, “There are five cameras here!”, making everyone burst into laughter again.

Source: Nate

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