Weekend Korean dramas’ ratings: most series, including Jisoo’s “Snowdrop”, witnessed notable surges

The ratings of most weekend dramas aired last week saw significant rises.

On January 9th, the weekend drama “Young Lady and Gentleman” is reported to have reached its own highest viewership peak. According to Nielsen Korea, the latest episode of “Young Lady and Gentleman” achieved an average rating of 36% nationwide, setting a new record and establishing itself as one of the most famous series at this time.

Weekend Korean dramas’ ratings

Meanwhile, JTBC’s “Snowdrop” also surged in viewership, recording 3.1% in nationwide rating. Compared to that of the previous episode, this is a remarkable rise

Weekend Korean dramas’ ratings

With 10.2%, “The King of Tears, Lee Bang-won” produced by KBS has recovered its rating upward trend with the latest episode. The rating of SBS’s “Let Me Be Your Knight” also rose to an average number of 1.7% nationwide.

Weekend Korean dramas’ ratings

On the other hand, both TV Chosun’s “Uncle” and tvN’s “Bulgasal” recorded slight decreases in ratings as these dramas only achieved 7% and 4.2%, respectively, for their most recent episodes.

Weekend Korean dramas’ ratings


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