“Single’s Inferno” FreeZia: “It’s hard for me to have a crush on anybody”

Beauty YouTuber FreeZia is gaining popularity through Netflix’s dating reality program “Single’s Inferno”.

With her outstanding beauty, she was usually very popular with men. On Dec 3rd, 2021, FreeZia uploaded a video on her YouTube channel in which she answered whether fans’ guesses were true or not.

YouTuber FreeZia

In the video, FreeZia honestly admitted “Right” for a fan’s speculation “I bet you don’t have a crush on somebody for long”. She explained, “It’s hard for me to have a crush on anybody because my standards are as high as Mt. Everest.”

YouTuber FreeZia

In the meantime, FreeZia expressed her firm position, “I don’t think I’ll have to lower my standards for a man.” The YouTuber added, “There were only 2 guys I liked first to date, and I dated both of them.”

YouTuber FreeZia

During her first interview on Netflix’s “Single’s Inferno“, FreeZia showed confidence, saying, “If I had to describe my personality in one word, it would be ‘cute and sexy’.” FreeZia, who said she was confident that she could win against any woman, was finally chosen by three men in the program.

YouTuber FreeZia

Meanwhile, FreeZia has gained much popularity thanks to “Single’s Inferno” and she currently has 1.5 million YouTube channel subscribers.


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