6 reasons why Choi Woo Sik of Our Beloved Summer is total boyfriend material both on-screen and behind the scenes!

The male lead of Our Beloved Summer has all become our ideal type. 

Our Beloved Summer is currently attracting much attention thanks to its fun storyline and excellent cast. In particular, the male lead character Choi Woong played by actor Choi Woo Sik has captured the hearts of many viewers because of his boyfriend material moments. Both on and off the screen, Choi Woo Sik shows his sweet side to female co-star Kim Da Mi.

1. Always worried about Yeon Soo’s meal:

This detail is shown a lot in the flashback scenes of Yeon Soo (Kim Da Mi) and Choi Woong. It was when Choi Woong went to school to have lunch with Yeon Soo even though he didn’t have class, or when he made food to bring to Yeon Soo‘s part-time job because he knew she wouldn’t eat properly. Even when they are already broken up, he still asks her to come eat with him as a habit.

2. See Yeon Soo as the whole world:

Since Yeon Soo appeared, Choi Woong‘s “philosophy” of life has changed, from “As long as I could live a peaceful life” to “I just want to live like this with you and my family”. Indeed, Yeon Soo has always been the main character in Choi Woong‘s life. He always tilts his umbrella towards her more when walking together in the rain. He apologizes to her when the juniors talk to him even though he does nothing wrong, or when he always stays by Yeon Soo‘s side waiting for her to apologize instead of leaving.

3. Share his world with Yeon Soo:

Choi Woong opens up his heart and welcomes Yeon Soo into his world, which was previously closed and impossible to be moved by anyone. He shares his family with Yeon Soo, gives Yeon Soo more friends like Ji Woong (Kim Sung Chul), Eun Ho (Ahn Dong Gu), this also makes Yeon Soo feel less lonely and also lets Choi Woong‘s relatives know how special Yeon Soo is to him.

4. Appreciate their connection:

Choi Woong is always serious and respects the feelings of not only himself but Yeon Soo. When they were still together, he worried when he had to study abroad for a long time because he was afraid of leaving Yeon Soo, afraid that she would break up with him. When they are no longer together, he still treasures the two’s memories such as couple items, the camera or the painting.

5. A familiar Choi Woong:

What everyone has to admit is that Choi Woo Sik‘s appearance as Choi Woong feels close and simple, giving off major first love vibes. Without looking too flashy and dreamy like other K-drama male leads; Choi Woong feels much softer and casual. He doesn’t seem like a fictional character but someone we would date in real life.

6. Choi Woo Sik is as sophisticated as Choi Woong:

Choi Woo Sik and Choi Woong have one thing in common. They are both soft and polite, especially with Kim Da Mi. In an interview, the actor shared that, to prepare for the scene where Yeon Soo has to carry a drunken Choi Woong, he lost 9kg so that Da Mi wouldn’t have trouble doing that scene. When the two filmed the kiss scene, Choi Woo Sik didn’t actually kiss for real because he thought it was only a rehearsal. He explained, “If I kissed for real, I would be the weird one”. This has partly shown Choi Woo Sik’s professionalism and respect for his female co-star.

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