Famous Japanese director who filmed a movie with IU complimented her

Director Koreeda Hirokazu, who is called “ the master of the Japanese film industry”, mentioned IU.

On January 9th, director Koreeda Hirokazu posted on his Twitter account saying, “Whether when she was in her teens or 20s, I wonder how this person could be this mature and upright”. Referring to IU, he added, “I’m embarrassed that I once thought you were just an immature kid who couldn’t even see the world through the eyes of an adult at that age. If I ever made you feel uncomfortable, I’m sorry. I also celebrated my 60th birthday this year”

Koreeda Hirokazu mentioned IU

IU recently appeared in the movie “Broker” that Koreeda Hirokazu held the megaphone as the director. The filming of “Broker” was completed in Busan last year. It is known that the second half of this movie and its release date are currently being discussed. 

Koreeda Hirokazu mentioned IU
Koreeda Hirokazu mentioned IU

Director Koreeda Hirokazu’s film “Broker” tells about people who have established relationships through stories surrounding the baby boxes designed to allow people who cannot raise their children to leave the babies there anonymously. Actors Song Kang-ho, Kang Dong-won, and Bae Doo-na reportedly appeared in this work together.

Koreeda Hirokazu mentioned IU


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