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A celebrity who replied “She doesn’t gamble” when asked to brag about his wife

Everyone burst into laughter at actor Jang Hyun-sung’s family pride.

Jang Hyun-sung appeared as a special MC on SBS’ “My Little Old Boy“, which aired on Oct 2nd.

He has two sons Jang Joon-woo and Jang Joon-seo. When asked to brag about his son, Jang Hyun-sung said, “(Joon-woo) is now 20 years old. He’s a freshman at college. I’m so thankful that he looks like his mom. I have nothing to say, but I was handsome until I went through tough times.”

He added, “My eldest child participated in musicals during high school days. In the audition for ‘Beauty and the Beast’, he was selected as Beauty. His school was a coed one.” He then boasted, “The second seems to be baptized with affection. I often leave home early in the morning and come home late at night because I’m an actor. When I go into my second child’s room and hug him, he hugs me while asleep.”

What he talked about his wife is unique. Jang Hyun-sung said, “My wife doesn’t gamble. She doesn’t drive drunk. She’s never been involved in a violent crime.”

Shin Dong-yup burst into laughter and joked, “It’s incredible. Your wife’s biggest gamble was marrying you.”

Jang Hyun-sung confessed, “Last year, my first child was in high school, my second child was in middle school, and my wife was in menopause. I achieved the grand slam among Korea’s heads of household. I survived anyway. Looking back on that period, an unknown force made me endure. I was like, ‘This too shall pass.’ There’s nothing that can beat menopause.”

Source: wikitree

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