2PM Jang Woo-young “J. Y. Park thinks he’s a great singer… JYP’s big problem”

Jang Woo-young aimed for J. Y. Park.

EXO Xiumin, NU’EST Baekho and model Jung Hyuk appeared as guests on KBS 2TV’s entertainment program “Beat Coin”, which aired on Sep 25th.

On this day, Jo Se-ho asked Xiumin and Jang Woo-young about the difference in singing methods between singers from SM Entertainment and singers from JYP Entertainment. Regarding this, Jang Woo-young said “It’s totally different” and explained why JYP’s head and producer J. Y. Park even came up with the word “half air, half sound”. He then directly demonstrated this singing technique. In response, Jo Se-ho admired Jang Woo-young’s singing skills, saying, “It seemed like J. Y. Park was singing.”

Hong Jin-kyung asked Jang Woo-young, “J. Y. Park thinks he’s a great singer, right?” Jang Woo-young replied, “That’s the most chronic problem of the company so far.” He then made everyone laugh as he looked at the camera and said, “Please don’t edit this scene.”

Xiumin explained the characteristics of the singing method represented by SM Entertainment’s producer Yoo Young-jin. When Hong Jin-kyung said, “Director Yoo Young-jin doesn’t sing (in the same way as J. Y. Park). He’s really good at singing. Is he still at SM Entertainment?”, Xiumin added, “That’s right. He sings very well. He worked on my solo album this time.”

Jo Se-ho asked Xiumin why he chose SM Entertainment. Xiumin answered, “I became a trainee at the age of 19. I was originally preparing for the college of physical education and I wanted to become a bodyguard. When asked “If you prepared to become a bodyguard, was you a black belt back then?”, Xiumin revealed that he had Level 4 Taekwondo and Level 1 Kendo.

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