NBA superstar Stephen Curry meets BTS’s Suga “My kids are your fans”

Stephen Curry reveals he and his family are huge fans of BTS. 

On September 29th, American professional basketball team Golden State Warriors released a video and photos of the meeting between Stephen Curry and BTS’s Suga through their official website and Instagram.

In the video, Curry saw Suga visiting the basketball court and excitedly asked for a handshake.

Curry said, “I was sweating a lot because I was exercising. It’s very nice to meet you. I’m a big fan obviously. So are my kids and everybody in my family. Thank you for coming.”

Stephen Curry BTS Suga

Suga responded, “It’s really an honor to meet you.” After that, the male idol took a commemorative photo holding a uniform with Curry’s autograph. He also gave out a BTS album that he prepared in advance. 

What caught the attention was Curry’s action after they took a photo together. Curry took out his phone and asked Suga to take a selfie with him. The NBA superstar also expressed anticipation for BTS’s next album.

This special meeting was previously announced through SNS. On September 28th, Suga posted a picture of him holding a Golden State jersey on BTS’s official Twitter. 

Curry shared the post to his account and said, “Love the jersey SUGA!! See you soon”, creating a frenzy among fans. 


Curry and Suga are staying in Japan for their respective schedules. Curry is set for an NBA exhibition game today (September 30th).

Source: dispatch

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