TWICE Nayeon, who recently ranked 7th on the Billboard chart: “I was often misunderstood.. It’s suffocating”

TWICE member Nayeon, who recently made her solo debut after 8 years promoting as TWICE, talked about her worries.

On June 24th, Nayeon released her first solo album “IM NAYEON”. As a vocalist of the famous girl group TWICE, Nayeon boasts her powerful vocals and spectacular charm during her promotions, earning ample good results.

Nayeon’s new album is currently ranked 7th on the US Billboard’s main album chart “Billboard 200”. On the global music streaming platform “Spotify”,  Nayeon’s title song “POP!” also climbed to position No.62 on the global chart. 

However, when she appeared on the YouTube channel “Yongjin Health Center”, Nayeon shared that her solo career can get burdensome. “I used to only see close people, but now that I’m a soloist, it’s different. If a show has 2 parts, I thought I would die in the first part. It will be a little better in the second part.

She then continued: “I was misunderstood a lot when I first debuted. Our song is bright. I was bright on stage, but I was criticized a lot because I was expressionless in the waiting room. I don’t care what others think, but the atmosphere is tough. It’s hard to breathe.”

I’m not that bad of a kid,” Nayeon expressed. “I’m also not a cold person. It just takes a little while for me to warm up.” 

Hearing the thoughts, the show’s host commented: “Nayeon is usually an introvert. As TWICE Nayeon gets more attention than Nayeon as a person, and her job is constantly subjected to external evaluation, her stress was considerable.” 

Nayeon differs from her onstage image, where she’s popular for her bright smile and liveliness. Instead, the human Nayeon feels clumsy when interacting with others and expressing her thoughts. The female idol also constantly suffers from personal troubles for 8 years since her debut. 

In addition, Nayeon prioritizes her inner maturity over the gaze of others. During the showcase of “IM NAYEON”, the female idol explained: “I think I am living truer to myself. While recording this time, it was an opportunity for me to feel ‘I used to like songs this much’.”

What Nayeon needs is understanding and attention, because unlike group activities, promoting on your own can be lonely. Nayeon acknowledges her own personality and wants help from those around her. Despite her splendid solo debut, her personal concerns were still there. It should be a growing pain for growth. This is why seeing the mature artist Nayeon in the future is worth looking forward to.

Source: daum

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