“We asked 20 people about the specific incidents,” Dispatch verified the reports on Nam Joo-hyuk’s school violence controversy

Dispatch stepped up to shine a light on the ongoing controversy regarding Nam Joo-hyuk’s past at school.

“I was bullied.” If you are a journalist, and you were informed of such contents, will you cover it?

First of all, the credibility of the report should be verified. A journalist should listen to the specific damage cases and find evidence to prove them. But here we run into a wall. That’s true, this school violence case is already years ago. There are only statements, and there’s little evidence.


If a School Violence Committee was held, the informant’s words will be powerful. Life records can also be a good reference. If there were hospital records at that time, the credibility of the report would be even higher.

On the other hand, what if the informant’s only evidence is a graduation album? However, we still cannot ignore school violence. This is because the mental pain that the informant received is also school violence. At this time, it is important to examine the concrete and how specific the victim’s statement is.

Actor Nam Joo-hyuk is on the cutting board for school violence. Informers A and B (and their mothers) revealed how they were bullied by Nam through ‘T’ and ‘S’ media outlets.

nam joo hyuk scandal

There are approximately four to five bullying behaviors listed by A and B on those media, including “He threw mechanical pencil lead at me,” “I was ordered to be the bread shuttle,” “He used habitual violence,” “I had to pay for his paid game,” and “I was forced to spar.”

We Dispatch have asked reporter L, who works for S media, to connect us with the informants. We said, “We want to talk to them on the phone,” but they didn’t say anything. We were only told that “the informant’s statement is correct,” and we could confirm nothing.

The reason why Dispatch attempted to meet with the informant is because of the credibility of their report. In fact, Nam Joo-hyuk’s high school life confirmed by Dispatch showed a big difference from the stories exposed by the informant.

Nam Joo-hyuk

The prerequisite for school violence reporting is that no story should be ignored; however, cross-checking the stories are also necessary. This report of “Dispatch” is a cross-check that goes beyond what T media and S media posted.

Again, Nam Joo-hyuk’s school violence controversy. There is no evidence, only a statement. Already, the story of two anonymous informants has been told. Next, we will listen to the stories of 20 real-name informants.

List of Informants

nam joo hyuk scandal

Seo Seok-hoon (same class in 1st year), Lee OO (same class in 1st year), Shin OO (same class in 1st year), Park OO (same class in 2nd year), H (same class in 2nd and 3rd year), L (same class in 2nd and 3rd year), Shin XX (same class in 3rd year), S1 (same class in 3rd year), S2 (same class in 3rd year), S3 (same class in 3rd year), Kim OO (same class in 3rd year), Jo Boo-hyung (alumni), Lee OO (alumni), Park OO (alumni), Son OO (alumni), Y1 (alumni), Y2 (alumni), J (alumni), H (alumni), Park Tae-kyu (homeroom teacher in 1st year), Hong Seong-man (homeroom teacher in 3rd year)

nam joo hyuk scandal

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