Nam Goong-min, better and better… Occupy home theater with “One Dollar Lawyer”

Nam Goong-min was once again overwhelmingly chosen by small screen viewers.

SBS’ Friday-Saturday drama “One Dollar Lawyer” (written by Choi Soo-jin, Choi Chang-hwan/directed by Kim Jae-hyun, Shin Jung-hoon) is cruising with overwhelming ratings and topicality. After the first broadcast on Sep 23rd started at 8.1% (Nielsen Korea’s national standard), it recorded double-digit ratings in the second week of its airing, and episode 8 exceeded 15.0%.

one dollar lawyer

In addition to taking the lead in the competition with MBC’s Friday-Saturday drama “The Golden Spoon”, which started on the same day, it is recording the highest rating among the mini-series dramas currently airing.

“One Dollar Lawyer” ranks high not only in TV viewing but also on streaming service OTT platforms. According to the FlixPatrol chart, which records the OTT platform content viewing ranking, it took first place in Korea (as of Oct 21st) and ranked high in Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore… on Disney+. On Wavve, another OTT platform, it is also proving its popularity by ranking first in the domestic drama category.

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“One Dollar Lawyer”, which continues to be No.1 regardless of platform, has been selected by more viewers and topped various topicality indexes. According to the topicality analysis company Good Data, “One Dollar Lawyer” ranked first on the drama topicality chart, while lead actor Nam Goong-min topped the cast topicality chart.

one dollar lawyer

Nam Goong-min leads the story by literally becoming lawyer Chun Ji-hoon. If you follow the guidance of Chun Ji-hoon expressed by Nam Goong-min, you will be immersed in the various events and people depicted by this drama. Until the middle of the work, Chun Ji-hoon had an eccentric aspect that was far from the system or rules, which further emphasized the character’s upbeat charm.

Namgoong-min thought about the visual that would suit Cheon Ji-hoon, and wore colorful checkered suits and sunglasses. He also enhances the fun of ordinary lines and situations with eloquent expressions and facial expressions.  Even when the drama deals with rather dark events, Cheon Ji-hoon is able to narrow the sense of distance from the viewers.

one dollar lawyer

Cheon Ji-hoon’s pain was revealed, explaining why he became the current “unusual” lawyer, and expectations for the big picture in the future also increased. In this episode, Namgoong-min showed a sharp contrast by portraying a past that is difficult to find even a single laugh that Cheon Ji-hoon does not recall. While dramatically expressing completely different stories and characters, he has the power that finally makes them fall into the emotional line that connects naturally.

Namgoong-min has built trust with the public through his steady acting. He presented a fun and refreshing performance in “Good Manager”, and atypical leadership in “Stove League.” Both dramas recorded high ratings. Recently, following “The Veil”, “One Dollar Lawyer” is seeing a good performance in terms of ratings. Namgoong-min renews his “life-time character” in every work and presents new iconic dramas to the viewers.

nam goong-min

With the success of “One Dollar Lawyer”, viewers and broadcasters are looking forward to Namgoong-min at this year’s acting awards. After winning Daesang at the 2020 SBS Drama Awards for “Stove League” and last year’s MBC Drama Awards for “The Veil”, expectations are growing whether Namgoong-min will set a record of winning Daesang for three consecutive years.

Attention is also focused on the achievements of “One Dollar Lawyer”, which has 4 episodes left until the finale. 

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