“Mrs. Jin” Kim Hyun: “I got wrinkles after 2 hours of makeup, but it’s my medal of honor”

The supporting actors of “Reborn Rich” play an essential part in the success of the drama.

“Reborn Rich”, which ended on Dec 25th amid viewers’ disappointment, was a work whose perfection is enhanced by all actors, including leading and supporting actors.

Actress Kim Hyun, who played Lee Pil Ok, wife of the founder of the Sun Yang Empire Jin Yang Chul (Lee Sung Min), said, “I’ve never received so much attention while acting in any drama or movie before, so I’m still pretty shocked.”

Kim Hyeon reborn rich

Born in 1971, Kim Hyun played Lee Pil Ok in her 50s and 70s, so she had to get special makeup for more than 2 hours before filming to create the difference in her age.

When they applied glue to make wrinkles on my face, it left actual wrinkles on my face,” she said with a smile. “It’s upsetting, but I think it’s a medal of honor and I just leave it there now.”

Kim Hyeon reborn rich

“My focus was on convincing the audience of Lee Pil-ok’s greed and desire,” Kim said. Lee Pil Ok was seen as a wise wife and a benevolent mother until the middle of the drama as she planned a murder to remove her husband Jin Yang Chul after he showed his intention to make Jin Do Joon (Song Joong Ki), an out-of-wedlock child, the successor of Sun Yang.

Kim Hyun said, “Lee Pil Ok thinks it is natural for her child to inherit and lead the company. But in the end, she cried a lot in the scene where she was comforted by Jin Yoon Ki (Kim Young Jae), also an out-of-wedlock.”

jung hee tae

Actor Jo Han Chul, who appeared in the drama with Kim Hyun as her son, looked back on what he focused on while playing the second son of Jin Yang Chul, Jin Dong Ki.

Jo Han Chul pointed out that the fact that Jin Dong Ki believes in fortune-telling is also related to the anxiety he feels as the second son.

Jin Dong Ki is smart, but he is always nervous and has low self-esteem because he doesn’t think he belongs anywhere. As someone who always looks for someone or something to stabilize himself, he blindly believes in fortune-telling. I portrayed him as someone who always rolled his eyes to look around because he constantly has to read his parent’s minds and cannot find the place where he belongs.”

jung hee tae

In particular, the scene in which he lost Soonyang Securities to Jin Do Jun was praised for clearly showing the acting experiences he had accumulated over the past 24 years.

Jo Han Chul said, “I received a lot of positive feedback about this scene from people around me, and it’s one of my favorite scenes personally.”

Jung Hee Tae played the role of Lee Hang Jae, Jin Yang Chul’s right-hand man. He also drew attention with his delicate psychological description.

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Jung Hee Tae confessed, “Lee Hang Jae was through the crisis together with Chairman Jin, and he understood Chairman Jin better than anyone else in the process of growing the company. I didn’t expect to be welcomed and talked about by people this much. I think it’s because I was next to Chairman Jin, who was so impressive.”

Jung Hee Tae, who worked with Lee Sung Min in Disney+’s original series “Shadow Detective” following the drama “Misaeng: Incomplete Life”, recalled that he admired Lee Sung Min’s acting several times.

Jung Hee Tae shared, “Lee Sung Min fits perfectly with any challenge, and his ability to focus on acting is exceptional.”

Source: Yonhap News

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