Chae Soo Bin reveals ideal type, says friendships with ex lovers don’t make sense

Actress Chae Soo Bin of Netflix’s new original series “The Fabulous” discussed her ideal type and mindset about love in a recent interview. 

On December 28th, at a cafe in Sogyeok-dong, Jongno-gu, Seoul, actress Chae Soo Bin attended an interview with Star News and discussed various topics. 

chae soo bin

On this day, Chae Soo Bin said, “I don’t understand being friends with ex lovers. It doesn’t feel like ‘Absolutely not’, but I do have the thought ‘no way’. If someone maintains their friendship with a former lover, one of them must have some feelings for the other. If there are no regrets, there is no reason to hold on to such a string.” 

Regarding her ideal type, the actress laughed and revealed, “In the past, my standards were vague. But now, I think I should meet someone who matches my personality and mindset well and can take care of me. Of course, I also look at appearance.”

chae soo bin

Chae Soo Bin is currently appearing on the Netflix original series “The Fabulous”, which depicts the dreams, love, and friendship of young people who have dedicated their lives to the fashion industry. Here, Chae Soo Bin takes on the role of Pyo Ji Eun, a PR manager, and earns a deep sympathy with viewers as a young woman who passionately lives for her dreams and love.

“The Fabulous”, which premiered on December 23rd on streaming platform Netflix, also feature actors Choi Min Ho, Kim Min Kyu and Lee Sang Woon.

Chae Soo Bin

Source: Daum

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