Foreign media praise “Decision to Leave” as one of the best films this year

Park Chan Wook’s “Decision to Leave” was chosen as “the best film” by major foreign media outlets.

New York Times highlighted “Decision to Leave”, saying “Director Park Chan Wook dazzles viewers with the beauty of his images and the intoxicating bravura of his unfettered imagination.”

It was selected as one of the TOP 10 movies of 2022. New York Times also praised, “Just when you think you have found your bearings, the movie unmoors you yet once more, blowing minds and shattering hearts, yours included.”

Decision To Leave

BBC commented, “Director Park Chan Wook added amazing variations to the film”, adding “It’s a story of a detective, who has a romantic obsession and is charmed by the suspect”.

The Guardian complimented the movie, saying “In director Park’s fascinating thriller, Tang Wei appears as a strong woman but she doesn’t know where to go. That point is so attractive”.

Forbes also said, “A work that contains the aesthetics of restraint and nuance”, adding “This dream-like story is like the combination of director Alfred Hitchcock’s suspense genre and the longing feeling in director Wong Kar-wai’s movies.”

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In addition, Hollywood reporters left favorable reviews, such as “It’s a neo noir, but also a melodrama that boosts your feelings to the peak with stormy developments”, adding “Based on his sensitive experience and numerous ideas, Park set up his own banquet”.

“Decision to Leave” is receiving many love calls from leading overseas film festivals. Following the Best Motion Picture – Foreign Language nomination at the Golden Globe Award, the movie was nominated for Best Foreign Language Film at the Critics’ Choice Movie Awards.

Decision to Leave

“Decision to Leave” is also attracting keen attention because it was selected as the South Korean entry for the Best International Feature Film at the Academy Awards. In addition to the film media site IndieWire, Variety and Hollywood reporters also mentioned “Decision to Leave” as a prominent candidate for an Academy win. 

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