Most mysterious Korean actress Shim Eun Ha: canceled a wedding, retired after marrying rich, still gorgeous in her 40s 

Shim Eun Ha used to have and enviable relationship with the husband of famous actress Lee Young Ae

When it comes to the visual goddesses of Kbiz, names like Song Hye Kyo, Kim Tae Hee, Son Ye Jin, Kim Hee Sun, or Lee Young Ae. However, there are many more gorgeous actresses that used to make waves during the 90s, and Shim Eun Ha is one of them. 

With her extremely quiet and private life, Shim Eun Ha was nicknamed the “most mysterious Korean actress”. She was once the talk of town with roles in “The Last Match”, “Christmas in August”, “Trap of Youth”, and stood alongside superstars like Lee Young Ae, Kim Nam Joo, and Go So Young.

However, Shim Eun Ha’s acting career was short-lived, as she withdrew entirely from showbiz after marrying her businessman husband. 

A fruitless romance with Lee Young Ae’s husband

Born in 1972, Shim Eun Ha, alongside Lee Young Ae and Go So Young, was considered the “gems” of the Korean screen. Despite her brief career, Shim Eun Ha also managed to make a deep impression on audiences at the time. 

The actress made her acting debut in 1993, after drawing attention from the broadcasting station MBC. She was then launched to stardom via “The Last Match”, receiving plenty of offers after this series and being hailed for her spectacular visuals. 

Other than her acting skills, Shim Eun Ha is also adored for having a scandal-free personal life. She was once reported to be dating Jung Ho Young – who is now Lee Young Ae’s husband, but their romance didn’t come to fruition. 

In particular, as Shim Eun Ha was only 26 while Jung Ho Young is a divorcee in his 40s, the actress’ mother was against their relationship, stating concerns about the huge age gap. 

However, Shim Eun Ha decided to go against her family and get married, only to cancel her wedding 2 days prior. There was no official announcement regarding this event, as Shim Eun Ha only said she hopes Jung Ho Young will not get hurt. 

The tragic fall out of this relationship leads to Shim Eun Ha’s decision to study abroad in France, and her 2000 movie, “Interview” would later become the actress’ final project. 

Withdrawal from showbiz and marriage 

For years, nobody heard anything about Shim Eun Ha, and the actress basically vanished from the entertainment industry. 

However, in 2005, the actress shocked the entire public by announcing her marriage with Ji Sang Wook – who is among the largest investors of Korea’s public channel SBS. 

Ji Sang Wook is known to be an extremely successful businessman with astounding wealth, as other than SBS, he also invests in the automobile industry and directs one of Korea’s largest electronic parts companies. To make it even more impressive, he used to be a university professor, and built everything up with sheer determination. 

While she is no longer appearing on the screen, Shim Eun Ha’s life is still extremely admirable. In 2016, Shim Eun Ha and her husband’s net worth was reported to be around 8.5 billion won, and the couple was also said to own over 8kg of pure gold. In addition, their bank account holds 5.9 million won, and they are in possession of numerous luxury cars. 

Shim Eun Ha once suffered under suicide rumors over her alleged “stuffy marriage”, but later photos show that she is still going strong. The couple remain silent about these malicious rumors, and decide to prove their relationship with actions only. 

Now, Shim Eun Ha is mostly focused on her family life, and her sole public appearances was in 2016 and 2020, where she was seen supporting her husband as a politician. It can be seen that even in her 40s, Shim Eun Ha still looked as youthful as ever. 

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