Shin Hye Sun, “My boyfriend drives a car with my friend sitting next to him? I’m ok. How is that a problem?”

Actress Shin Hye Sun revealed her position regarding the hot debate about her answer to a fan’s question in the past.

On June 16th, the Youtube channel of First Look magazine uploaded a video titled “Dinner menu recommendation? Lunch menu recommendation? What’s that? #Shin Hye Sun…You said you were fully charged with MZ energy?ㅠ”

In the released video, Shin Hye Sun said, “I got a hime cut today, so please understand that I can’t lower my head so much”.

The actress laughed at the moment when she got embarrassed after watching a clip of her debut drama at the 2019 KBS Drama Awards. She said, “It was during the Drama Awards. The moment I almost died of embarrassment.”

She continued, “Back then, Kang Ha Neul was even funnier than me. I didn’t know that they will show my photo. I knew Kang Ha Neul will make an appearance but they suddenly showed my debut video”, adding “(Back then) It wasn’t that long ago. It was really flustering”.

Regarding the controversy over her answer to a fan’s question, asking “Are you okay with sitting in the backseat while your friend sat in the front passenger seat in a car driven by your boyfriend?”, Shin Hye Sun wondered, “Why is this not ok?”.

shin hye sun

She added, “It’s just a seat position. Why is this so important? Say my boyfriend and my friend ride on a car together. That’s also ok, actually. He could drive her home. I’m sitting on the backseat. They’re sitting in front. How is that a problem? This is a point of contention?”.

The actress commented, “I usually sat on the front seat because I got car sick. It’s nothing. I’m being chill? I guess I am”, and showed a surprised expression as she couldn’t understand the controversy until the end.

Source: Nate

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