Moon Ga Young isn’t satisfied with her selfie even though it’s pretty… “I don’t like my picture”

Moon Ga Young’s press conference preparation process was revealed.

Actress Moon Ga Young‘s agency KeyEast uploaded her vlog through their channel on Jan 5th.

In the video, Moon Ga Young visited a beauty salon for her appearance at the press conference of JTBC’s Wednesday-Thursday drama “The Interest of Love”. She regretfully said, “My routine is to look for snacks as soon as I arrive. There’s nothing to eat.

  • Moon Ga-young
  • Moon Ga-young

She then explained her look’s point, “The back is the point.

Afterwards, Moon Ga Young took a selfie. She pouted, “I don’t like it, (I don’t like) my picture.

The staff asked, “Why don’t you like the picture you took today? It’s pretty.” Moon Ga Young confessed, “Something… I don’t know. It doesn’t have that feeling. That sensual feeling. I want this.

  • Moon Ga-young
  • Moon Ga-young

She went on to say, “I’ll take a good picture and upload it.” She added, “Oh? It doesn’t seem too bad.

Besides, Moon Ga Young emphasized, “The back is the point, but you can’t see my back. You can’t see my back, right?” She drew attention by showing her perfect back.

Source: Nate

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