Model-Turned Actress Kim Ah Hyun’s Daring Visuals in ‘Mask Girl’ Earns Her Recognition

Kim Ah Hyun is gaining keen attention for her appearance in ‘Mask Girl’.

The Netflix series ‘Mask Girl,’ which was released on August 18th, tells the story of an ordinary office worker named Kim Momi with appearance complexes. She covers her face with a mask every night and becomes an internet broadcast BJ (streamer), inadvertently getting involved in unexpected events.

mask girl Kim A-hyun

After its release, ‘Mask Girl’ ranked first in the global TOP 10 series (non-English) category. It also gained popularity worldwide, making it to the TOP 10 lists in 72 countries, including South Korea, Canada, France, Egypt, and Hong Kong.

In the drama, Kim Ah Hyun took on the role of newcomer inmate number 2058 at the prison, appearing in episodes 6 and 7. Her striking visual, complete with bleached hair and tattoos, captured attention. 

She portrayed deep respect for the middle-aged Mask Girl Kim Momi (Ko Hyun Jung) and left a strong impression, seemingly without remorse for her crimes.

Kim Ah Hyun, who debuted as a model in 2018, engaged in various activities in fields such as magazines, music videos, and advertisements. Kim Ah Hyun has been transforming herself in various works, gradually building her filmography.

Source: Wikitree

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