MAMAMOO’s Moonbyul shedded tears after hearing touching words from her idol SNSD’s Taeyeon

Moonbyul shed tears at Taeyeon’s sweet words.

MAMAMOO’s Hwasa and Moonbyul reportedly appeared on tvN’s variety show “Amazing Saturday,” which aired on the afternoon of November 27th. On this day, Hwasa performed her new solo song “I’m a B” barefoot, drawing admiration from the cast. Moonbyul drew attention by saying, “There is a star and teacher here who has had a great influence on MAMAMOO.”

moonbyul taeyeon

Moonbyul pointed out Taeyeon as the star who was on her cell phone wallpaper, and Hwasa said, “Moonbyul kept shaking behind me. I advised her to take it easy.” Moonbyul, who even called dips on the seat next to Taeyeon, said, “I regret sitting next to her. I can’t see Taeyeon from here,” proving her fan spirit. The idol then revealed the reason why she liked Taeyeon, “I didn’t know what to do while dreaming of becoming a singer. So I followed Taeyeon’s path.”


To Moon-byul’s story that she attended the academy where Taeyeon attended and practiced singing Girls’ Generation’s songs, Hwasa said, “I didn’t know either. She didn’t say anything,” expressing her surprise. After the fangirling over Taeyeon, Moonbyul said, “I wanted to be quietly next to you. I didn’t want to get close,” while her face turned red, and she shedded tears as Taeyeon suddenly affectionately said, “Byul, you worked hard.”


Surprised by Moonbyul’s tears, Taeyeon told that she usually listened to the idol’s radio show, saying, “I am also a (Moonbyul’s) fan,” and MoonByul became emotional, “I feel overwhelmed.”

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