LOONA’s Ha Seul confessed her feelings regarding Chuu’s situation: “I can’t say anything”

Ha Seul, a member of girl group LOONA, expressed her feelings directly to fans for the first time since the issue of her ex-teammate Chuu.

Ha Seul uploaded a long post on the official fan cafe of LOONA on Dec 15th, titled “Hello, I’m LOONA Ha Seul.”

To begin her post, Ha Seul said, “It’s already been six years. I have hoped that I can always be a big help to our ORBIT (LOONA‘s official fandom), but I think I’m only showing my lacking as time goes by. I’m so thankful and sorry for ORBIT who covers my lacking with your love,” she showed her fans her gratitude.

loona HaSeul

Ha Seul then said, “I don’t know what to say anymore,” adding, “I think all I can say to ORBIT in this situation is that I love you. I believe ORBIT knows that I can’t say anything now.”

Ha Seul also added, “I hope that someday we will be able to look back at this moment as a memory and face each other with a smile. And above all, ORBIT, I love you a lot. Let’s promise to be each other’s support and always stay by each other’s side,” she promised her fans.

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On the other hand, LOONA will release their new album, “The Origin Album, ‘0 (Zero)'” on Jan 3rd. This is their first comeback since Chuu was kicked out of the team.

Source: OSEN

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