BLACKPINK’s Lisa always prays before going on stage 

Fans notice one special thing about Lisa.

After every show during BLACKPINK’s world tour, Lisa often posts backstage photos to share with fans. Besides admiring her doll-like visuals, fans also notice Lisa likes to pray before going on stage. 

blackpink lisa
Lisa looks gorgeous even when praying 

Lisa has kept this habit of praying before going on important stages for a long time. When BLACKPINK was touring for the first time or when they attended Coachella 2019 as part of the lineup, Lisa always prayed before the performances, to be more calm and confident.

blackpink lisa

Lisa was born Pranpriya Manoban. In Thai, Pranpriya means “a beloved soul”. Although it is a meaningful name, Lisa’s parents decided to change her name to Lalisa when she turned 13.

blackpink lisa

When Lisa auditioned for YG and the results were yet to come back, her family met with a fortune teller and was recommended to change her name to Lalisa to bring her more luck. A week after changing her name, Lisa was contacted by YG that she got accepted to become a trainee. It was like a miracle to her.

blackpink lisa

Lisa is also not afraid of spooky things. She once told a story about how she saw a shadow walking by while playing games inside Jisoo’s room. Or when her trash can automatically opened without anyone touching it. But watching this, Lisa didn’t get scared at all. 

Source: Yan

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